About Us

Water filtration, purification & hygiene are what we specialise in. We formed Bio Cache during a time when many people were closing their businesses due to the global pandemic in late 2020. It was the merger of Future Strategy and The Plumbing Store which we were already planning to do in late 2019. With both entities having worked with water treatment/filtration products for a number of years we decided to join forces and combine our knowledge.

We import all our products from internationally known brands such as Aquatabs, P&G, Kohler, MadiDrop, Sawyer and Water-to-Go to name a few, that perform internationally recognised testing on all their water treatment/filtration products. Our products help average citizens make sure that their water is safe to drink. Whether at home, in extremely rural communities or out camping & hiking. Providing a few litres to hundreds of thousands of litres, our products can give you peace of mind that your water is safe to drink. 

Bio Cache also works with other businesses that wish to purchase our products to sell in their brick and mortar, online and dropshipping stores. So,  if you are interested in selling our products please get hold of us and let’s see if we can work together! 

Get A Free Product Valued @ R249.99 with Your Order!

Get A Free Product Valued @ R249.99 with Your Order!

To mark the launch of our new website we not only are we having a massive sale but have decided to give the first few customers an added bonus…


You will get one of two products added to your order for FREE! 

Valued at